Photos from the celebration of World Prematurity Day at Maternal and Child Centre(MCC), Eti-Osa, Lagos.

Theme: Zero Separation. Act Now. Keep Parents and Babies Born Too Soon Together.

Member of staff of the MCC, Eti-Osa, hosted by the Department of Paediatrics, headed by Dr Abe, had the honour of joining the world to celebrate this year’s World Prematurity Day.

The centre was commissioned a little over 2 years ago and this was the first time the WPD was celebrated.

Prior, to this day, the entire month of November had been marked as Prematurity Awareness Month and various issues around Prematurity has been discussed on many of the hospitals social media platform: staff, Drs, combined Drs and nurses WhatsApp platforms and the hospitals Instagram handle as well.

With support of our medical director, Dr Quadri and the Head of department, planning began in ernest.

A committee led by Dr Bisi Ogunbase was constituted. It was made up of paediatrics Drs, nurses and some very important and dedicated members of the hospital management committee.

To grace the day, our special guest was Ms Joan who is a Senior Service Charter director at Ministry of Health, Alausa.

Our set objectives were to: 

1) Educate and Inform by highlighting issues around Prematurity with a focus on the theme (KMC).

Presentations given were:

a) KMC (+ practical demonstration of how to cut the KMC wrapper and it’s application)

b) Care of the Newborn

c) Overview of Preterm Statistics till date.

d) Resuscitation of a newborn

e) Drug presentation by Jawa Plc.

Question and answer sessions held after each of the presentations given which helped to clarify issues that needed further explanations. 

It was an interactive time as some presenters too asked questions and mothers who gave correct answers got prizes.

2) Celebrate our Preterm mothers and babies. Through the WhatsApp group previously formed consisting of all mothers of preterm babies cared for in the facility, invitations were sent out. About 30 mothers turned up.

3) Motivate our Preemie moms.

Testimony, an 8 year old who was a preemie, born in a different Hospital and her parents were present to share their own experience and encourage mothers present.

There was a before and after pictures slide show of some of our babies whilst on admission and their current photos now. This brought about a lot of laughter and claps from all.

Mothers had the opportunity to interact with one another, some of whom hadn’t seen each other for a long while. Doctors and nurses too were glad to see the Preemie moms in a more relaxed atmosphere and happy to see their babies who had all grown so well.

Mothers shared their NICU experiences, highlighting the lessons learnt and how they were able to apply them even after been discharged.

Games (like fastest fingers, Preterm quizzes, ) were held which gave the mothers some time to smile, laugh and have a good time. Presents were given to winners.

Goodie bags were presented to all preemie mums which consisted of assorted take away gifts.

With all our special guests on the high table, staff and mothers with their babies in groups cut the WPD celebration cake and took pics.

Thereafter, it was time to party, dance and felicitate, with lots to eat and drink.

With the vote of thanks given, and closing prayer said, the event gradually came to an end.

We thank all our sponsors who gave so generously to make the event a successful one.


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