On behalf of the newly inaugurated executive committee, I welcome esteemed NISONM members and friends in the newborn space to this website. Your being here expresses your deep interest in helping newborns survive and thrive. Sincere appreciation for trusting us with the mantle of leadership for the next two years. We promise to build on the well-established successes of our predecessors as well as venture into new grounds to ensure the optimal survival of our newborns.

We remain committed to efforts at improving the gloomy statistics of newborn morbidity and mortality in Nigeria. Our focus will be at the community level where most of these babies die, and this will be achieved via our regional and state networks in collaboration with other partners and stakeholders. We hereby solicit the continued cooperation of our members in this regard.

Continuing professional development and capacity building of our members both locally and internationally will be a priority. Promoting exposures in neonatology through placements and fellowships in neonatology in more advanced centers will be encouraged without facilitating brain drain as we recognize the dire need for human resources for newborn health in the country.

As advocates for newborn survival, we will continue to work with the government, international partners, the Paediatric Association of Nigeria, and other collaborators towards the provision of life-saving equipment and medications as well as promoting best practices such as family-centered care and quality newborn care driven by research and innovation.

The National guidelines for basic and comprehensive newborn care are now widely available and the electronic versions can be downloaded from this website. I encourage all members to make maximum use of these documents as guidelines for everyday practice and teaching.

Finally, I am soliciting for the active participation of all members towards achieving our common goals for our collective success. We are open to new ideas and collaborations.

Please make this webpage one of your favourite places, as it will keep you up to date with activities in the newborn space. Also, join our social media handles……

We welcome new members, ordinary, trainees as well as associates into our fold.

Most sincerely yours

Dr. Mariya Mukhtar-Yola


Nigerian Society of neonatal Medicine

June 2023- June 2025.