African Neonatologists and doctors in neonatal care all over Africa Join hands together

Had their Inaugural General Meeting – online Zoom Meeting on 1st September 2021

The following were selected as inaugural officers
a. Dr Alex Stevenson – President
b. Prof Ousmane Ndiaye – Vice President
c. Dr. Martha Mkony – Secretary General
d. Dr. John Nkuranga – Treasurer
The association will have three committees and the following were leaders
a. Research
Chair: Dr Franck Houndjahoue
This committee will be responsible for forming research questions for Africa and in the future form a journal of neonatal medicine in Africa. This will be a good forum to publish for African research and also assist junior research with publication.
b. Education
Chair: Dr Helga Naburi
This committee will harmonize/ develop curriculum with African context and will be useful for countries without established paediatric/newborn training to adopt the curriculum and modify to fit the local context

c. Advocacy
Chair Dr Olufunke Bolaji
This committee will advocate for African newborn agenda in international forum and identify partners and collaborators

Working group/focus areas
a. HIE and neonatal resuscitation
b. Nutrition
c. Prematurity and respiratory support
d. Sepsis
e. KMC
f. Jaundice
g. Quality improvement and governance
h. Ultrasound in newborn medicine
i. ROP

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